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  • North China – Taiwan - Philippines North China – Taiwan - Philippines

    1,Liner services twice a week;
    2,Market share over 50%;
    3,Co-study on unloading efficiency with major terminals;
    4,Dedicated port captains to solve problems at site;
    5,First to use mobile phone apps to track unloading.

  • North China - Indonesia North China - Indonesia

    1, Liner services twice a week;
    2, Company management quarterly visit for service improvement;
    3, Dedicated port captains to monitor unloading;
    4, Large fleet to ensure tonnage adequacy and suitability.

  • North China – Singapore - Myanmar North China – Singapore - Myanmar

    1.Market share over 1/3;
    2.Dedicated port captains to terminals to monitor unloading;
    3.Large fleet to ensure tonnage adequacy and suitability.

  • Other liner routes Other liner routes

    1.Liner services to Far East, South Asia and the Middle East are our focus for development;
    2.These regions are high growth area for Chinese steel export;
    3.Weak oil prices make Chinese steel export more competitive than those from Europe;
    4.One Belt One Road Policy also brings opportunities;